BinAvatarAfter many years of trying to find a tag line, I finally settled on “Jack of Arts.” I am a┬ámusician (composition and performance), photographer, theatrical designer, actor, painter, sculptor, writer, cook and virtual artist. I practice art by using technology to extend the artistic medium. I employ traditional methods as well – I try to blend the best of both worlds.

While the appellation “Binary Rhyme” is descriptive of my personality, philosophy, method and artistic style, it was conceived out of some necessity as an artistic pseudonym and online identity. You have to be a little out of the box to get a unique name on the net these days.

I started using “Binary Rhyme” in real life when I began singing Karaoke a few years back. How many “Mike”s can there be in the room at one time?

Binary – zeros and ones – the modern yin and yang. White and Black, Male and Female, Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. The dichotomies of life, and the contrasts that present themselves, both within and without. Binary also represents one side of my nature – my technological self – I’m a professional software architect. It also makes reference to my use of technology in my art.

Rhyme – rhythm, grace, imagery, art and poetry. Life’s contrasts are the essence of art and form – polarity finds its beauty in an entangled web of contrasts that work their way together in unexpected, fundamentally beautiful ways. Art as the universal human coping mechanism. Rhyme also represents my other, artistic nature – that of photographer, musician, composer, painter, sculptor, writer and poet.