Design and Composition

a presentation made to the Nepean Fine Arts League

Composition and Design - Nepean Fine ArtsThis presentation was originally run as a half day workshop for artists in the summer of 2010, but was stripped down to a one hour format that dropped discussion of a lot of design elements to focus on establishing dominance and harmony and using line effectively – with the emphasis on composition techniques.

  • The Goal of Composition and Design is to create a desired effect in the viewer
  • Some pieces “work” better than others
  • A piece “works” when it creates an effect and has impact, draws the viewer in.
  • Understanding how design techniques work enables us to employ them to create an effect
  • The goal is a desired effect, not to “follow the rules”

You can download the .pdf of the presentation.

There are a ton of great tutorials on design principles and composition online. Google is your friend.