by Mike (Binary Rhyme) Heffernan, 2007

I heard from a friend
who heard from a friend
a short little tale
about Farley

The friend of a friend
said a friend of another friend
had asked for advice at a party
from Farley

She was faced with a page
that failed to engage
“How do you beat the block?”
she asked Farley

The answer was exceptional
at describing a professional
“I simply run up the Visa”
said Farley

Facing similar obstructions
I followed his instructions
but it didn’t work for me like it did
for Farley

Lacking literary gifts
I’m now working triple shifts
but on my breaks
I read Farley

I wrote this little ditty the other day because (as I said there) you don’t go to the Dusty Owl without something to read. It is a bit of a twist on a response offered by Farley Mowat at the Governer General’s (Ed Schryer) New Years Eve ball many years ago.