The Future of Photography II

November, 2014, RA Photo Club 75th Anniversary Banquet. It was my honor and privilege to speak at the RA Photo Club’s 75th anniversary banquet on the subject of “The Future of Photography,” – revisiting a topic I had presented there three years earlier. My congratulations to the RA Photo Club on it’s venerable history and many impressive accomplishments of these many years. You can download the .pdf of the... read more

The Camera Loves The Theatre

a presentation given to the RA Photo Club The Theatre serves up intense images – fabulous scenes, sets, dramatic poses, human drama and subtle expressions. Mike takes us on a journey through theatrical photography. This presentation is a mix of history, portfolio and how-to techniques. Some of the things covered in this presentation: So many reasons to shoot – How photography is used in the Theatre Visual characteristics the Theatre – A highly distinctive, influential look Theatre’s Influence on Photography – A studio is a “flash” version of the stage Live production photography – The play’s the thing Character photography – We dress up and play make believe Studio Photography – Marketing, marketing, marketing You can download a .pdf version of the presentation... read more

Twenty Insights on Being a Photographer

a presentation given to the RA Photo Club Everyone has a camera at the ready these days, but a camera does not a photographer make. Mike draws on four plus decades as an artist and photographer to distill twenty concise insights on photography and being a photographer. Over the years, hundreds of accumulated details and bits of information slowly form up into patterns. I tried to sweep a few things into piles and summarize it as a concise principle. A sampling of the principles introduced includes: It’s not about the Subject, it’s about the Image Don’t dilute Great with Good “Impact” is an Emotional reaction A Camera is a Musical Instrument that a Photographer Plays Don’t point a Camera, point a Workflow Crop until you Can’t You can download the .pdf of the presentation. Always great fun to be a part of things at the RA Photo Club – this evening was no exception – even if I did get an emergency tech support phone call from Ottawa Little Theatre 10 minutes before I was to start talking – but the show must go on! Lol.... read more

The Future of Photography

a presentation given to the RA Photo Club Since the production of the photograph in 1826, photography has been evolving in response to changes in technology, society and business. It returns the favor – today a single photograph can become a symbol which shapes global events. The rate of change is increasing and the next couple of decades will reshape photography more than the previous two centuries. Everything is up for grabs: How a photo is taken, how it is processed, distributed, published and exhibited. The interaction between our world and how we view it is in for a wild ride. You can download the .pdf of the presentation. This was a fun look at the future I pulled together from a few weeks of google searching of current research combined with some imagination on how it might all fit together. The final bit draws on my experiences as a photographer in the... read more

Design and Composition

a presentation made to the Nepean Fine Arts League This presentation was originally run as a half day workshop for artists in the summer of 2010, but was stripped down to a one hour format that dropped discussion of a lot of design elements to focus on establishing dominance and harmony and using line effectively – with the emphasis on composition techniques. The Goal of Composition and Design is to create a desired effect in the viewer Some pieces “work” better than others A piece “works” when it creates an effect and has impact, draws the viewer in. Understanding how design techniques work enables us to employ them to create an effect The goal is a desired effect, not to “follow the rules” You can download the .pdf of the presentation. There are a ton of great tutorials on design principles and composition online. Google is your... read more

Twelve Influential Photographers

a presentation given to the RA Photo Club As Sir Issac Newton once said – “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” This presentation gives your vision a boost by pointing you at shoulders to stand on. I’ll avoid the debate of which photographers are the “greatest” and merely claim that these twelve are truly great. Richard Avedon Steve McCurry Gordon Parks George Hurrell Helmut Newton Lee Friedlander Yousuf Karsh Imogen Cunningham James Nachtwey Ansel Adams Freeman Patterson Annie Leibovitz You can downlad a .pdf of the... read more