Basic Flash Techniques

a presentation given to a couple photo clubs in Ottawa Basic flash photography is existing light photography with an extra light. It’s easy to do badly, but once you know the basics of how a flash interacts with a scene and your camera, the aha moment flashes on (pardon the pun). Properties of a Light Source Reviewing Some Basics Flash Characteristics Histogram Metering Shooting Modes Shooting Scenarios Accessories You can downlaod a .pdf of the... read more

How to Improve Your Photography

a presentation given to the RA Photo Club Actually, how to learn and improve just about anything. This presentation walks through my twelve rules of learning – it happens to discuss photography, but they can be applied to just about anything. Chart a course. Pick a specialty. Learn by doing. Learn incrementally. Learn communally. Be tenacious. Learn the rules. Experiment. Break the rules. Continually expand. Take the hard way. Aim for instinct. You can downlad a .pdf of the... read more

Dealing with Noise and Sharpness

a presentation given to the RA Photo Club On digital cameras, increasing the ISO values is effectively the same as turning up the volume on an amplifier. At a certain point, distortion appears, which manifests itself as noise on the photo. Reducing noise often negatively impacts sharpness. What is to be done? How a Digital Sensor Works What is Noise? Various Kinds of Noise Tools Techniques Trade-offs Adding Noise for Effect You can downlad a .pdf of the... read more

Working with Light

a presentation given to the RA Photo Club Reflected light is what a photographer captures. Knowing how light behaves and how to work with it is an essential skill. This presentation offers a quick introduction to some fundamentals. Properties of Light How to handle various situations Lighting the face Multiple flash & studio You can downlad a .pdf of the... read more

Event and Concert Photography

a presentation given to the Orleans Photo Club Events are everywhere – from birthdays and anniversaries to charity fund raisers to political rallies. Concert photography raises challenges of low light, high action scenes. Why I like Event Photography Goals of Event Photography Kitting Up – The Tools of the Trade Techniques to Remember Problems and Solutions Creative Ideas Concert Photography Specifically You can downlad a .pdf of the... read more