by Mike (Binary Rhyme) Heffernan

You can download the .mp3 here: BelltowerofPrivilege.mp3

What calling
what meaning
minor wanderings
and fleeting effect?

From earth’s womb
emerges consciousness
seeking purpose
cause great or small

Unique, perhaps,
amongst rock
fire and ice
to come and to pass on

What more
is required?
to be
is sufficient privilege

This follows a late night discussion… one of those “meaning of life” chats. I’m pretty driven but I recognize that my efforts will result in things destined to pass in time. The conclusion of the gab was that conscious life is so rare in the universe (indeed – perhaps we are the only self aware consciousness? Who knows?) that to be here is enough. Legacy is a nice idea but not required.

The image is a capture of a structure I built, The Belltower of Privilege, that portrayed this poem for Burn2 2010, an official (if virtual) affiliate of Burning Man. It played random notes across three pentatonic octaves – which you can hear in the .mp3