Every now and then someone decides some of my random word droppings are worth repeating. The following are statements made by me that have been circulated by others in some form or other.

“Abandon expectation. Embrace exploration.”

“If it ain’t virtual, it ain’t real.”

“The absence of constraints is the death of creativity.”

“The task is it’s own reward.”

“I’d rather be cut by the sharp edge of truth than bludgeoned by the blunt end of deception.”

“To embrace an ideal is to live forever convicted by it.”

“Music is NOT a spectator sport.”

“An instructor can only show you what to learn and how to learn it. You teach yourself.”

“Our capacity for fantasy approaches the infinite.
Life’s capacity for delivery is notably finite.”

“Disclosure declares an alliance.”

“”I’m not creative because I’m good at making new stuff up; I’m creative because I suck at making existing stuff over again.”

“A team’s morale depends on two things – a worthy goal and progress toward it.”

“Architect the problem. Implement the requirements.”

“Concrete progress depends on accurate abstractions.”

“There is no such thing as an intelligent programming error.”

“The only dumb question is the unasked one.”

“Don’t take other people’s success as discouragement – take it as inspiration that things are possible.”

“I prefer to do battle with sharp thought and sane judgement, rather than dull wits and blunt extremities.”