Resurrection Now

by Mike (Binary Rhyme) Heffernan, 1981

Resurrection Now.mp3image

Against a worn old wall I place my hand
I push in vain to change the world of man
but the wall stands straight and tall
and it never moves at all
a monument of hatred, fear and lust

And there’s an insurrection going on
in the land of blood and tears
the wall it wears
the claws and tears
left by the nails of the lost, lost and gone

The wall is dark and black against the sky
and our fury lashes out to kill and die
to be coldly met in kind
by a blood lust unconfined
the barren land runs red and cries in pain

And there is vast destruction in the land
and our doom is near at hand
our dream of justice
fades and haunts us
as our hearts turn cold and dark – cold as stone

The wall it hasn’t changed – it’s just the same
but a mystic veil has wrought a subtle change
the wall stands straight and tall
but it holds me not at all
my spirit will burning bright the day it falls – and it’ll fall

’cause there’s a resurrection taking hold
and our tears they shine like gold
because we wear
the claws and tears
that wrought the deed it took
to bring it down.

“I believe in the doctrine of non-violence as a weapon of the weak. I believe in the doctrine of non-violence as a weapon of the strongest. I believe that a man is the strongest soldier for daring to die unarmed.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

This tune was written about Nicaragua, and expresses my fundamental leaning toward non-violence. Violence begets violence and the usual result is escalation. I’m not entirely black and white about it, but such historical figures as Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King had it right, I think.

Photo: My son-in-law(ish) Brandon has just the right mix of aggression and thoughtfulness to portray this tune visually, I think.