Song Man

by Rachael Heffernan, 2004


imageHere’s a story about man who was lost in song
Tall as the sky, never, ever shy and he smiled about everything

Song Man, don’t you ever leave me
Song Man, sing those songs honey
Song Man, sing the blues, jazz, pop, punk
hymns, carols, rap and rock

He sang bass to soprano
to guitars and the piano
from the ground to the silky sky
and he promised me that he’ll always be
right there with me by my side

sing high to low, wide to slim
tall to short – everybody – no-one could top him
he was mine, I was his
he was the best in the song biz

Another quick sketch recording of a song, this time by my daughter Rachael. It was written by her and recorded when she was 11. It was pretty clear, even then, that she’d be a contralto.