Microsoft Live Writer 2011 – A Love Affair

a cool tool for bloggers

Listen My PeopleEvery now and then something happens and your life is forever changed. I suppose this is usually encountering that special someone and sliding down a silver slope into bliss. For craftspeople and tech geeks, sometimes it’s just finding the right tool for a job you do often. The day I was introduced to Microsoft Live Writer was just such a day, and it was renewed with the release of the 2011 version.

Live Writer is a freebie blog authoring tool from Microsoft that works with pretty much any blogging technology out there. Equipped with dozens of plug ins (my favorite slides a flickr photo into the post with a couple of mouse clicks). You can include photos, video and maps, slide them around, wrap text around them and apply a bevy of pre-set styles – even give a graphic a little tilt (as shown by my ink to the right).

The application connects to your blog, downloads the blog’s theme (some themes play better than others), category and tag lists, and you then work on your post offline. Once you’re ready to roll, you upload your post as a draft (and it’ll upload photos automatically to your site if need be – some configuration may be required). Once uploaded, you can inspect it and hit publish from the admin panel.

One tip to mention… I cannot find, on any menu or ribbon thingy how to open entries on an existing blog – something I relied on with the previous version – but all is made clear if you hit CNTL-O (keyboard shortcut for “open”)

Here are some handy links to get you started:

If you’re still doing your blogging using the online editor window, you haven’t really lived. One word of caution – don’t get so carried away blogging you fail to give your flesh and blood love a squeeze now and then too.