Trailburst Nuggets – An Anytime Snack

BinaryRhyme-IHateHamlet20111124-1070One of the fun little moments in the production of I Hate Hamlet by the Ottawa Little Theatre was the ad for Trailburst Nuggets that opens the final scene. Andrew Rally, the television actor who is wrestling with playing Hamlet on stage, is featured in the ad.

The fun is that the ad is as abysmal as the product it hawks (which apparently taste like sawdust dipped in chocolate, with more calories than lard). Opening with a discussion between Andrew and a chipmunk hand puppet, who dissolves into tears when denied a sampling of nuggets – it ends happily with Andrew kissing his head and caving to his craving.

Then follows the ad’s jingle – which isn’t scripted. Director Sarah Hearn only gave me one piece of direction regarding the jingle – “Make it utterly annoying, a tune you can’t get out of your head, like a barbed splinter in your brain.” So here, for your listening – ummm – pleasure, is the Trailburst Nuggets ad from Ottawa Little Theatre’s 2011 production of I Hate Hamlet.

You can download the .mp3 here: TrailburstNuggets.mp3

Trailburst Nuggets – An Anytime Snack

by Mike (Binary Rhyme) Heffernan
Michael McSheffrey as Andrew Rally
Stephen Liddiard as the Chipmunk

People love (chipmunks too!)
a tasty breakfast treat
be sure to start your day
the Trailburst Nugget way

And when you head out on the road
just remember that
Trailburst Nuggets
are an anytime snack

Trailburst Nuggets

Some further bits of fun include one of the lighting technicians misunderstanding the lyrics of the opening line. “People Love Chipmunk Stew!” … I’ve never tried it myself, but I’ve made a mental note… and the fact that the cast and crew would stand in a circle and dance giddily in the wings every night when the tune ran. Great fun.