Twelve Bars with Dog and Pony

by Mike (Binary Rhyme) Heffernan, 2004


Watch the clock, get out by eight n529130836_2120145_6276
don’t make me wait – babe, you know we can’t be late
gotta get a good location in the evening rotation
the place fills up fast – at least in the past
we wanna get a seat, not be standing out in the street

What’s that I hear you say?
You want a place to play?
A hopping hot spot where the music has style?
A place that’s really cookin’?
Well you can stop lookin’
the heat in town is with the Dog and Pony

First we chose as you’d suppose
standard songs that everybody knows
Ballads, Pop and Blues will combine with some booze
to help us branch out and cast off our doubt
watch out we feel bold! ROUND 2 is about to unfold!

Now the place is pumpin’ – the drinks are even jumpin’
the rockers have started to wail
They’re belting out the high notes – screamin’ out from hoarse throats
the mood is right off the scale
there’s dancin’ and there’s flirtin’ – some guy is de-shirting!
the pals have engaged on this Ottawa stage

Final hour countdown – the night’s final crown
a last shot to earn your renown
if the crowd is abating, there’s merit in waiting
for the thing that you yearn – that one final turn
or the moment sublime when they say
”Stay Overtime!”

(say goodnight, Gracie)

Dog and Pony Sound are a Karaoke service that I frequent. The “Pals” earn paws – one for each different venue they visit. I put this tune together as a fun little tribute when I earned my 12th paw (hence twelve bars – I hope writing it as a twelve bar blues tune doesn’t force the pun too much).

I also changed up from my normal habit of hand playing every part in the songs – taking Band in a Box and a virtual guitar for a spin to generate some of the parts – although I admit I did some pretty heavy midi editing, and solid chunks of it are still hand played.

Photo: Danni aka Pony hanging out at one of the original Karaoke venues.